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Mouse Pointers
Color change
JavaScript Colors
Optimized for screen resolution 800x600 and Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.
On this site I will demonstrate the possibilities of Dynamic HTML. HTML is language for creating Web pages. DHTML is term used when HTML is combined with styles (Cascading Style Sheets - CSS) and script language JavaScript.

All of these examples, from idea till realization are my work. Only some functions are made by Dan Steinman. Let's see what we have got here:

First three examples work properly only in Internet Explorer 4.0 or later.
Menu is the first example and it uses filter included by Microsoft in IE >= 4.0, so it will not work in Netscape. Next example, all the posible Mouse Pointers based on CSS 2 specification, also don't work in Netscape <= 4.73 (I didn't try with Netscape 6), because Netscape's CSS doesn't support different mouse pointers. DHTML example Color Change could be designed for Netscape too, but not with buttons as I made it; color should be chosen with click on the layer. Here is also Panorama - picture in 360 (I saw a similar example made in Flash so I wanted to do it in DHTML.) OpenWeb is page from which you can choose the sites you want and open it with single click. See also TV and automatically generated list of all JavaScript colors.